Discover our Air-Liquid Interface (ALI) culture system

Our standardized Air-Liquid Interface (ALI) Medium in combination with ALI pre-screened Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells enables creation of a reproducible human 3D airway model with stable and predictable epithelial barrier function.

We now have a serum- and bovine pituitary extract (BPE)-free ALI Medium (ALI-Airway) which closely models the airway epithelium and exhibits morphological and functional characteristics similar to those of the human airway in vivo.

Well-differentiated in vitro airway epithelial cultures allow study of the physiological and pathophysiological responses of the respiratory tract in basic respiratory research, toxicity studies, infectious disease research, and drug development.

Together with our ALI pre-screened Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells (HBEpC) we provide a complete ALI system to facilitate reproducible and physiologically relevant respiratory research. Our ALI pre-screened HBEpCs cultured in ALI-Airway medium form tight junctions with transepithelial electrical resistance (TEER) values of over 500 Ω*cm2. This allows an intact barrier function over a 28 days period.


  • Physiologically relevant 3D cell culture system
  • Maximized experimental reproducibility with a standardized medium formulation
  • Stable and uniform TEER values
  • ALI pre-screened HBEpC available on request, optionally also from HLA-typed donors
  • Cell viability >70% for differentiated HBEpC

Our ALI-Airway is available as a ready-to-use medium, consisting of a 500 ml bottle of Basal Medium and a single vial of SupplementMix. Adding the SupplementMix to the Basal Medium results in complete Growth Medium that’s ready to use.


C-21080 ALI Medium

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