Cell expansion service

Our custom cell expansion service can be of great help in your research. Depending on the requirements of the field of your research (e.g., RNA-seq, high-throughput screening for drug discovery, toxicity screening for immunotherapy development), large numbers of primary cells are inevitable.

Upscaling your cell culture in-house can be challenging for many reasons. For example, cell expansion often requires handling by different individuals, which can lead to inconsistencies in the cell quality. Additionally, cell expansion is time-consuming and can increase the cost of your research because of the substantial investment in personnel. To save you time and money, we provide our cell expansion service that is tailored to your exact needs.

What we offer

We can support you in generating large quantities of primary cells from single donors and a variety of cell types by providing our cell expansion service.

We guarantee standardized and consistent cell morphology, cellular function, and cell type-specific characteristics of the expanded cells. As for any other primary cell requests, we provide fully traceable documentation of patients’ informed consent.

How we support you

  • Bulk production based on your requirements (e.g., passage and cell number)
  • Expansion of existing cell lots up to the requested amount of cells (e.g., of HLA-typed cells)
  • Filling of individual cell numbers per vial (up to 2 million cells per vial)
  • Additional quality control tests after cell expansion

How it works:

Process of cell expansion service with cell seeding, cell expansion and quality control test

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Your benefits

By choosing our custom cell expansion service over scaling up in-house, you gain the following benefits:

  • Time-saving: Expanding your own cells can require a lot of your valuable time and effort. Our professional cell expansion service avoids the risk of losing expensive cell batches
  • Money-saving: Expanding cells requires costly equipment, consumables, and staff training. Our cell expansion experts will help to save your money
  • Flexibility and scalability: We expand different cell types on a large scale depending on your needs
  • Resource-saving: Minimize your labor and save resources for your groundbreaking research
  • Reliability: Maximize reliability and reproducibility in a standardized setting

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