Cell-based Manufacturing Media Platform

A GMP-compliant, customizable Manufacturing Media Platform (MMP) providing broad support for the serum-free culture of sophisticated cells used to manufacture cell-based products in a regulated environment.

Currently the development of new therapeutic interventions often uses mammalian cells as an integral tool in the manufacturing process. However, the function of cells within these processes may differ substantially. A common example of a manufacturing process that uses cells is the expression of recombinant proteins or antibodies.

When developing new therapies, novel cell-based methods often emerge.

Recent developments in this field include for example

  • The cell-based production of oncolytic viruses or other therapeutics agents
  • Cell-based manufacturing of viruses for gene therapy approaches
  • Priming of patient-derived immune cells in co-culture with engineered cell lines
  • Cell lines directly to be used as therapeutic agents
  • Methods for employing cells in the cellularization of tissue grafts in vitro

To achieve these challenging goals and move their innovations a step closer to the clinic, scientists routinely establish proprietary cells and cell lines specifically engineered to fit the desired functional requirements within the manufacturing process. However, these customized cells often differ profoundly from their traditional industrial production counterparts, which extends to the increased demands seen in the culture environment. This means standard culture media used in the classical production of cell lines are not always suitable for the culture of specialized cells used in pharmaceutical manufacturing processes. There is therefore a growing demand for highly defined media supporting the culture of manufacturing cells as pat of novel therapeutic approaches.


Our Manufacturing Media Platform (MMP) supports the culture of a broad variety of demanding cells used in the fabrication of cell-based products. The highly standardized media formulation supports adherent 2D culture and 3D suspension growth patterns.


Productivity in the context of manufacturing of cell-based products is not limited to sheer volume of cell mass or recombinant protein but can extend to desired cellular features or functions. To harness these specific functionalities across cell types, a one-size-fits-all medium is insufficient. We therefore provide two versions of the MMP medium: one optimized for a cellular metabolism heavily relying on aerobic glycolysis (MMP-GL) and a second which allows preferential respiration by means of oxidative phosphorylation (MMP-OX). We have observed that, while many established cell lines can switch between both pathways to variable degrees, the properties of cells in terms of the desired cellular feature(s) may depend on the respiration mode stipulated by the culture environment. The purpose of this versatile media platform is maximal productivity with respect to desired cellular traits.


The Manufacturing Media Platform (MMP) comes off-the-shelf as a ready-to-use standard product. However, the culture system is fully customizable, allowing for example the addition of supplements or filling formats as required.


Our state-of-the-art serum-free Manufacturing Media Platform (MMP) was developed as an animal component-free and defined formulation (D-ACF). See also PromoCells´ media & reagents specification guide. Rigid specifications in our lot-specific quality control tests using sensitive reference cell lines ensure a high batch-to-batch consistency.

Downstream Compatibility

The defined formulation in combination with its low protein content mean the Manufacturing Media Platform (MMP) can be used in many applications while providing a downstream process-friendly culture environment.

Regulatory Support

Our ISO 9001:2015 and EXCiPACT™ GMP certifications ensure the reliable implementation of customer needs when it comes to using our products in a regulated environment.

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