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From basic research to advanced medicine, our cells, specialized media and cell biology tools are critical to a huge range of groundbreaking research.

See how we’re helping scientists worldwide build the future of biomedicine.

Biomaterials Research PromoCell


Immuno-oncology is an interdisciplinary field of crucial research to understand the role of the immune system in cancer progression and treatment. Immunotherapy uses the bodies own defences to specifically target the cancer, as an alternative to chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery.

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COVID-19 Research

Leading virology labs and pharmaceutical companies around the globe rely on PromoCell products for developing new strategies to fight COVID-19.

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Cardiovascular Research

Human primary cells represent an excellent model to use when studying cardiovascular disease. HLA types have become hugely important in understanding cardiovascular morbidity and mortality.

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PromoCell Dermatological Research

Cosmetics & Dermatology

Our comprehensive portfolio for dermatological portfolio not only offers scientists to work comfortably with 2-D or 3-D cell cultures but also allows to generate organoids or perform co-culture experiments with different cell types from matched donors.

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PromoCell Diabetes Research

Diabetes & Obesity

With diabetes mellitus on the rise worldwide, further understanding of the disease is critical for the development of more effective treatments.

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Immunological Research


An essential network of proteins, cells and organs: Our immune system defends the body against threats from the outside. Discover how cell culture studies are crucial for immunological research and the development of new immunotherapies for cancer, autoimmune diseases, infections and allergies.

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PromoCell Respiratory Research

Respiratory Research

Primary cells represent excellent models for studying respiratory disease. Using cell culture, it is possible to understand lung disease mechanisms at a cellular level and specifically target therapies at pathogenic processes.

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Stemcell Research PromoCell

Stem Cells & Regenerative Medicine

Stem cell research is essential for delivering insights that allow scientists to characterize the factors regulating stem cell proliferation and self-renewal, as well as the biological processes and molecular mechanism of stem cell differentiation.

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3D Cell Culture

Delivering physiologically relevant research data relies on models as close to the target biological system as possible. 3D cellular models allow a better understanding of complex biology in a physiologically relevant context. At PromoCell, we have both the expertise and the appropriate systems to support your journey towards the future of in vitro research.

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Applications for our cancer media toolbox

We have a developed a toolbox of cancer cell media to establish primary cancer cell lines from biopsies, develop 3D tumor models or build screening assays. Below you find the different application areas to discover solutions for your workflow and choose the right medium to leverage your cancer research.

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