Primary cells in respiratory research – webinar

Learn about the benefits of primary cells as model systems in respiratory research and how a 3D model at the Air-Liquid Interface can be set up and used.

Watch our webinar “Primary cells in respiratory research” hosted by Dr. Lisa-Mareike Scheid.

In this webinar, our expert highlights the benefits of primary cells as model systems and informs you on what cell types we offer. Furthermore, our host shows you how to set up and use the Air-Liquid Interface culture to provide 3D models of the airway epithelial barrier.


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Watch the webinar and learn useful information for your work in the lab.

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Find out more about our expert: Dr. Lisa-Mareike Scheid is one of our Technical Customer Support Specialists for our international distribution partners. In 2018, she graduated from the University of Heidelberg, studying normal and pathophysiological muscle function on molecular and cellular models. Dr. Scheid then worked as the head of a lab at a biotech company before joining PromoCell in 2021.

Our expert about her current role at PromoCell: “I’m proud to be part of a company that is one of the leading manufacturers of primary cell culture products and media in Europe. That has the mission to support you with your scientific research worldwide by providing the best primary cell culture products while also offering expert and flexible service and support for you.”


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