Melanocyte Growth Medium M3

Serum-free and BPE-free cell culture medium for the cultivation of juvenile and adult human melanocytes. Formulation is free of phorbol myristate acetate (PMA).

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Selected product Melanocyte Growth Medium M3

Melanocyte Cell Growth Medium M3 500 ml

Melanocyte Basal Medium M3 500 ml

Growth Medium M3 SupplementMix 1 Mix for 500 ml

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The PromoCell Melanocyte Growth Medium M3 is designed for the isolation and cultivation of human melanocytes from human juvenile and human adult skin in a BPE- and serum-free environment. The medium does not contain PMA (Phorbol Myristate Acetate), which could interfere with some experimental settings. Cells cultured in this medium can be plated directly on tissue culture plastic and no matrix coating is needed. Isolated human juvenile and adult melanocytes show their characteristic dendritic morphology when cultured in this advanced cell culture medium.


  • Highest degree of standardization achieved by BPE-free and serum-free formulation
  • No adverse effects of PMA (Phorbol Myristate Acetate) on experimental settings
  • Each produced media lot is tested for growth promoting activity and characteristic dendritic cell morphology
  • Compatible with all available PromoCell Melanocytes (NHEM)

Components – Melanocyte Cell Growth Medium M3 (C-24310):

  • 1x Basal Medium, 500ml
  • 1x SupplementMix for 500ml


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