Custom Solutions

The best product is the one that’s tailored to your needs. We own our entire manufacturing process, so we can create customized products for clients in a huge range of markets worldwide.

Our custom services:

  • Custom Cell Culture Media Services
    • Media bag production (e.g. 10L, 20L)
    • Custom packaging formats (e.g. 1L, 2L media bottles)
    • Custom/bulk growth supplement production (e.g. bulk BPE and ECGS)
    • Modified cell culture media formulations (e.g. without glucose or amino acids, SILAC, etc.)
    • Custom all-recombinant / synthetic-origin ingredient formulation (e.g. for blood and stem cell media)
    • Additional quality control tests (e.g. functional tests, endotoxin)
  • Custom Human Primary Cells
    • Custom isolation of human primary cells (e.g. with donor profile specification and matched donors)
    • Production of large cell lots (e.g. cell banking)
    • Additional quality control tests (e.g. for HLA, CMV)
  • OEM Production Capabilities
    • Custom OEM production of PromoCell cell culture media, supplements, reagents, and primary cells
  • Knowledge Sharing Program
    • Client support by PhD scientists: expert advice on the use of human primary cell culture products
    • Application-based seminars for use of primary cells in different research areas
  • Ethics and Regulatory Support
    • Fully traceable documentation of patients’ informed consent
    • Complete professional support for gaining ethical approval for your project

Contact us via online form via email at or call +49 6221 649 34 0 to let us know your requirements. We’ll be more than happy to discuss the possibilities with you.

Why PromoCell?

  • Our support team, consisting of highly qualified PhD scientists, is devoted to providing you with the highest level of personalized service available in the market.
  • We have accumulated over 30 years of expertise supporting scientists as a premium human cell culture product supplier.
  • We are certified as complying with ISO 9001:2015, meaning that our company’s policies, practices, and procedures consistently ensure top-quality services and work for our clients.

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