NCCD Reagent

NCCD Reagent is part of PromoCell’s Primary Cancer Culture System and is crucial for the pre-treatment of the culture vessel.

NCCD Reagent
2 ml
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NCCD Reagent

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Being a part of PromoCell’s Primary Cancer Culture System the NCCD Reagent is intended exclusively for use in combination with the Primary Cancer Cell Culture Medium D-ACF. The NCCD Reagent allows for the culture vessel surface pre-treatment which is critical for the functionality of the Primary Cancer Cell Culture System.

The NCCD Reagent is provided as a 20x stock and must be diluted to a working concentration before use. One 2 ml vial of NCCD Reagent yields 40 ml of ready-to-use working solution sufficient to treat 400 cm2 of culture surface, e.g. seven complete 6-well plates.

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