DetachKit 2

DetachKit 2 for gentle and effective detachment of adherent primary human cells. Lower Trypsin/EDTA ratio of 0.025%/0.01%.

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The PromoCell DetachKit 2 was developed for very gentle detachment of primary human cells in culture. It contains less trypsin and EDTA than the standard DetachKit and is suited for applications, which require very gentle cell handling.

The DetachKit 2 is optimized for primary human cells but can also be used for primary animal cells and cell lines.

PromoCell DetachKit 2 was designed for the safe and efficient detachment of primary human cells in routine subculturing. DetachKit 2 is especially valuable for more sensitive cell types. Each DetachKit consists of three components: HEPES BSS (HEPES buffered Balanced Salt Solution), Trypsin/EDTA Solution and TNS (Trypsin Neutralization Solution). The DetachKit 2 comes with a Trypsin/EDTA ratio of 0.025%/0.01%.

HEPES BSS contains 30 mM HEPES, D-Glucose, NaCl, KCl, Na-Phosphate and Phenol Red. TNS contains 0.05% Trypsin Inhibitor from soybean and 0.1% Bovine Serum Albumin.

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