PCR Bacteria Test Kit

Bacteria are frequently found as contaminants in cell cultures and have a strong impact on the metabolism, growth, and differentiation of the cells in culture. However, standard antibiotics are often ineffective against resistant bacterial infections and cell cultures sometimes lack visual signs of the bacterial contamination. Thus, frequent screening of cell cultures for bacterial contamination is essential to ensure reliable results.

Our PCR Bacteria Test Kit hat has been developed for accurate and reliable in vitro detection of 45 bacteria species, many of them usually found as contaminants in cell cultures. The kit provides a highly sensitive, reliable, easy and rapid method to detect bacterial infection in various in situ biological materials, including cell cultures.

Detection requires as little as 12 bacteria genomes (~2 fg) per sample volume and the protocol can be completed within 3.5 hours with a hands-on time of less than 40 minutes.

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