PromoCell receive Germany’s TOP JOB award yet again

We couldn’t be prouder of our staff, who make PromoCell such a great place to work.

Top Arbeitgeber 2019 Every year, the Center for Employer Attractiveness (zeag GmbH) gives out awards to the most attractive employers in Germany’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Unlike some awards, the TOP JOB award is chosen after analyzing extensive anonymous surveys of employees. PromoCell picked this award up in 2019 and we’ve done it again this year – we couldn’t be prouder of our staff, who make PromoCell such a great place to work.

At PromoCell we’re a small but focused group. Based in Heidelberg, we employ around 80 people to make human cell cultures as well as the specialized supporting cell culture reagents. Because our products frequently impact biomedical research, holding ourselves to the highest quality and ethical standards is incredibly important. We couldn’t do that without the wonderful people who work here.

Part of why employees voted PromoCell one of the most attractive places to work amongst Germany’s SMEs is the excellent communication between our staff and managers. PromoCell management said they see “openness and transparency, flat hierarchies, and a good communication policy” at the core of the corporate culture. This might take the form of simple open conversations or the more structured “Internal Entrepreneurship” that encourages transparency through internal newsletters and communication platforms. We’ve also introduced trained confidants: people who are available to listen and support whatever concerns or troubles other people in the company might be having.

We certainly won’t be stopping there. We want to keep being a top place to work and so we’ll keep listening to our staff, keep evolving, and working to make PromoCell an even better place to work than it already is.

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