For faster research on immunotherapies: HLA-typed human primary cells

PromoCell, a premier manufacturer of human primary cells and cell culture products, is a pioneer in offering HLA-typed human primary cells for researchers around the world.

The company announced that it now offers a broad range of high quality HLA-typed cells from several organs, allowing scientists to test their therapies and detect potential cross-reactions. Overall, PromoCell has a large inventory featuring more than 100 HLA-typed donors in stock. Interested researchers receive the complete HLA-typing report upon purchase for each donor. This saves valuable time, as HLA typing of primary cells is a long process. HLA, which stands for Human Leukocyte Antigen, is responsible for the regulation of the immune system in humans.

HLA-typed cells are an important model to test new immunotherapies

With the rapid advances in cancer immunotherapy, tumor HLA-typing as a predictive marker in neoantigen identification is becoming more relevant than ever. “We recently took a major step forward in this direction and are now glad to provide scientists with HLA-typed human primary cells for their research,” says Dr. Irma Boercsoek, COO of PromoCell. HLA types have also become an important factor in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality rates in patients.

Speeding up testing of new therapies for cancer patients

“HLA-typed human primary cells will be a great tool in the development and testing of new drugs. Scientists now know upon purchase if the cells they buy have the relevant HLA type for their research,” adds Dr. Manish Kumar, Product Manager for cells and media at PromoCell. Animal testing does not provide the same relevant evidence, as results cannot be directly transferred to the human system. Speeding up testing can also shorten the development time of new therapies for cancer patients.

To learn more about PromoCell’s HLA-typed human primary cells, visit, or get in touch with the scientific support service at the toll-free number 0800 -776 66 23.

HLA Typed Cells

PromoCell offers a unique range of human leukocyte antigen (HLA)-typed cell donors in stock. Choose from our large inventory of HLA-typed donors.

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