Mesenchymal stem cell cultivation in single-use stirred tank bioreactors

MSCs have gained significant attention because of their therapeutic potential for many difficult-to-treat diseases. In this app note, we provide a protocol for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant large-scale production of MSCs in a single-use bioreactor using our MSC Growth Medium XF.

Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are a relatively rare cell population, and large quantities of cells are typically needed for clinical applications. This creates the need for large-scale platforms to efficiently expand MSCs.

Learn why bioreactors are a useful tool for upscaling MSC cultures and how to use them for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) compliant large-scale production of MSCs in this protocol.

The app note contains:

  • Background information on this topic
  • An easy-to-understand bioreactor MSC expansion protocol using our MSC Growth Medium XF
  • Results regarding attachment and cell expansion
  • Results of the metabolite analysis

Download the app note

Learn how to achieve a GMP compliant large-scale MSC expansion in this protocol.

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