Cell culture scalability – the future of regenerative medicine and cell therapy

Cell expansion is a necessary part of cell culture, but scaling up cell cultures can be challenging, especially when working with different cell types. Gain expert insight and download our comprehensive infographic.

In our In Focus feature on RegMedNet, we discuss the benefits of using cell expansion services, such as allowing cost-effective, reproducible, and standardized cell expansion and ensuring compliance with regulatory guidelines and standards in a quality-controlled environment.


Meeting the demand for cells: overcoming challenges in scaling up cell culture. Learn more about the challenges of scaling up cell culture and discover cost-effective and standardized ways to overcome the hurdles of cell expansion and reproducibly provide large numbers of cells.

Expert interview

Scientific Support
Dr. Lisa-Mareike Scheid and Dr. Kübra Özer

RegMedNet interviewed our Technical and Scientific Support Specialists, Dr. Lisa-Mareike Scheid and Dr. Kübra Özer, about the importance of cell expansion for regenerative medicine and cell therapy applications, among others, and key challenges when transitioning from small-scale to large-scale cell expansion. Our expert also shares their insights into the implications of cell expansion on the quality and functionality of therapeutic cells and how to maintain the desired cell characteristics during expansion.

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Cell expansion is crucial for various applications, including regenerative medicine and cell therapy. Are you ready to meet the growing demand for cells? Unlock the potential of cell expansion with expert insights!

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