Keratinocyte Growth Medium 3

Serum-free and BPE-free cell culture medium for the cultivation of human keratinocytes from the epidermis of juvenile foreskin or adult skin.

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Keratinocyte Growth Medium 3
500 ml
USD 147.00

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Keratinocyte Growth Medium 3

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PromoCell Keratinocyte Growth Medium 3 is optimized for the isolation and expansion of epidermal keratinocytes in an BPE-free and serum-free cell culture environment. Keratinocytes cultured in this medium can be plated directly on cell culture treated plastic without the need for an ECM coating or feeder cells.


  • Highest degree of standardization achieved by optimized BPE-free and serum-free formulation
  • Support fast proliferating and homogenous cell population
  • No need for extracellular matrix coatings
  • Compatible with all available PromoCell Human Primary Keratinocytes (NHEK)


  • 1x Basal Medium, 500ml
  • 1x SupplementMix for 500ml
  • 1x CaCl2-Solution for a final concentration of 0.06 mM

Please note: The Basal Medium and SupplementMix cannot be purchased individually. Please inquire directly with us in case you require a Custom Media Formulation.


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