Cancer Cell Culture

Cancer cells, whether within tumors or established cancer cell lines, are heterogeneous populations  that can include:

  • Tumor-initiating, slow-growing cancer stem cells
  • Fast-growing aggressive cancer cells
  • Tumor-associated cancer cells
  • Immune cells and other cells (depending on your experimental set-up)

To help you isolate, cultivate for the long-term, and co-culture your desired cell types, we’ve created a toolbox to do just that. Depending on your application, there’s a toolbox to enrich, eliminate, or co-culture specific cancer cell types.

All three media options in the toolbox will maintain cancer stem cells (CSCs). This focus on CSCs, despite them making up 1–2% of the cell population, is because they play a critical role in tumor initiation, progression, and metastasis. It’s therefore essential to maintain CSCs whichever tumor or cancer cell lines you work with.

All three media types are synthetic, animal component-free, and xeno-free, but rich enough to allow growth and long-term cultivation in either 2D or 3D. You can use these media for most established cell lines and the establishment of cell lines from different cancer types.

This flexibility of the toolbox allows you to use it across a variety of applications, such as cancer stem cell research, establishing standardized cell lines from biopsies for drug discovery, or co-culturing cancer and immune cells for cell-based therapy development.

3D Tumorsphere Medium XF

Serum-free and xeno-free medium for the isolation and 3D long-term cultivation of cancer cells.

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Cancer Cell Line Medium XF

Serum-free and xeno-free medium for the long-term cultivation of established cancer cell lines. Fibronectin or vitronectin coating required.

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Primary Cancer Culture System

A complete defined and animal-component free cell culture solution designed for the isolation and long-term culture of cancer stem cells (CSCs).

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