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How do I get maximum expansion of the undifferentiated CD34+ cells? Is there a maximum cell density?

– Thaw the vial and plate the cells at a density of 20,000 cells/ml as per PromoCell protocol (see Application Note).
– Use our Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Expansion Medium XF (C-28021) supplemented with our Cytokine Mix E.
– Add same volume of fresh complete medium after 2-3 days
– Incubate the cells for an additional 10-12 days, perform partial media changes every 2-3 days as described in the Application Note.

It may take 5-7 days for the cells to noticeably proliferate, but they will grow rapidly after this.
You should see up to a 200-fold expansion of the cells within this time. Cell density is not the major concern when expanding the progenitors. The media used and time in culture are more important factors. Some researchers expand the progenitors out a third week but we don’t recommend this for the health of the cells.

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