Nitric Oxide HTS Assay Kit

Ultrasensitive, simple, high-throughput adaptable fluorometric assay kit for measuring NO concentration in cultured mammalian cells.

Nitric Oxide HTS Assay Kit
  100 assays
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Nitric Oxide HTS Assay Kit

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The Nitric Oxide HTS Assay Kit provides a simple user-friendly, standardized and high-throughput-compatible method to quantitate the amount of NO in cell-based assays with highest sensitivity (as low as 5 pg). It utilizes a dye that reacts with intracellular NO to produce a highly-fluorescent triazole product (Ex/Em= 488/532 nm). The kit includes diphenyleneiodonium (DPI), a potent inhibitor of nitric oxide cellular production, which has been widely used to inhibit NO synthesis in order to evaluate NO function in different systems and diseases.