Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay Kit

Fast and simple fluorometric measurement of lysyl oxidase activity in various biological samples and purified proteins

Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay Kit
  100 assays
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Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay Kit

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The PromoKine Lysyl Oxidase Activity Assay Kit allows for sensitive and quantitative evaluation of lysyl oxidase activity of purified enzyme and its inhibitors as well as secreted endogenous enzyme in cell media. Enzyme activity is detected upon oxidation of a substrate, which results in release of reaction intermediates that are subsequently detected by a lysyl oxidase (LOX) Probe, resulting in a fluorescent signal that can be measured at Ex/Em= 535/587 nm. Each kit includes a positive control as well as a specific lysyl oxidase inhibitor that allows the user to correct each sample for any non-specific signal.