Lysosomal Intracellular Activity Assay Kit

Measurement of intracellular lysosomal activity by flow cytometry and fluorescence microscopy.

Lysosomal Intracellular Activity Assay Kit
  50 assays
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Lysosomal Intracellular Activity Assay Kit

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Intracellular of lysosomal activity is quite difficult to measure in living cells. The PromoKine Lysosomal Intracellular Activity Assay Kit uses a proprietary lysosome-specific substrate which has low background fluorescence, high signal-to-background ratio, and is pH insensitive. The self-quenched substrate, which acts as an endocytic cargo, can be taken up by cells and degraded within an endolysosomal vesicle. Degradation of the substrate reverses the quenching and the resulting fluorescent signal that can be measured using a fluorescence microscopy and/or flow cytometry, is directly proportional to the intracellular lysosomal activity.
This kit provides an easy-to-use, sensitive method for imaging and accurate measurement of lysosomal avctivity in cultured cells. The kit includes Cytochalasin D, a cell-permeable inhibitor of endocytosis, that serves as an experimental control.