HDAC Activity Assay Kits

Fluorometric, high-throughput compatible assays for simple in-situ measurement of HDAC activity in biological samples.

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HDAC-3 Activity Assay Kit 100 assays

HDAC Activity Assay Kit 100 assays

HDAC-8 Activity Assay Kit 100 assays

HDAC-6 Activity Assay Kit 100 assays

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Histone deacetylases (HDACs) represent a large family of enzymes identified as key regulators of nucleosomal histone acetylation, a major event that controls eukaryotic gene transcription and are classified into three groups. They are believed to be involved in important biological activities, such as cell proliferation & differentiation, cell motility, cell cycle, transcriptional & epigenetic regulation, apoptosis, senescence, and oxidative stress. HDACs also play a role in several diseases patterns and are therefore attractive targets for e.g. anticancer or Alzheimer therapy.

PromoCell’s HDAC Activity Assay Kits are platebased fluorometric assays suitable for high-throughput measurement of HDAC-3 activity in biological samples such as cell & tissue lysates/extracts or purified, immunoprecipitated, recombinant or genetically modified HDAC samples. They are based on the deacetylation of an acetylated specific peptide substrate by the respective HDAC. This deacetylated product is then cleaved by a developer to release a highly fluorescent moiety which can be easily quantified using a conventional microplate reader. 

The kits also include wellknown inhibitor controls for the respective HDAC enzyme. Individual HDAC Inhibitors can be found on our website. In addition, we also provide a range of HDAC antibodies & peptides.

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