Ethanol Assay Kit

Simple, rapid and high-throughput adaptable colorimetric and fluorometric assay for accurate measurement of ethanol in biological samples, foods, beverages and growth media.

Please be aware that this product will be discontinued and will only be available until: 21.12.2021
Ethanol Assay Kit
100 assays
$ 615.00

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Ethanol Assay Kit

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PromoCell’s Ethanol Assay Kit provides a simple, rapid, and sensitive method for accurate quantification of ethanol concentrations in a variety of biological samples such as serum, plasma, other body fluids, foods, beverages and growth media. Alcohol oxidase oxidizes ethanol to generate H2O2 which reacts with our probe to generate color (λmax= 570 nm) and fluorescence (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm). The kit detects 0.1-10 ppm alcohol.