GST Activity Assay Kit I

For colorimetric detection of GST activity.

GST Activity Assay Kit I
  100 assays
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GST Activity Assay Kit I

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Glutathione S-transferase (GST) is an essential enzyme involved in detoxification of xenobiotics mediating conjugation of glutathione with those compounds.
The GST Activity Assays can detect GST activity in crude cell lysate or purified protein fractions and the kit is also suited for quantitation of GST-tagged fusion proteins. They are based upon the GST-catalyzed reaction between GSH and the GST substrate CDNB.
CDNB has the broadest range of isozyme detectability (e.g. α-, µ-, phi-, and other GST isoforms). Under certain conditions, the interaction between glutathione and CDNB is totally dependent on the presence of active GST. Detection limit is approximately 10 ng active GST/assay.