Caspase-5 Drug Screening Kit

Kit for measuring caspase activity and caspase-5 inhibitor screening by fluorometer or fluorescence plate reader

Caspase-5 Drug Screening Kit
  100 assays
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Caspase-5 Drug Screening Kit

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Caspases have been shown to play a crucial role in apoptosis induced by various deleterious and physiologic stimuli. Inhibition of caspases can delay apoptosis, implicating a potential role in drug screening efforts. The PromoKine Caspase-5 Drug Screening Kit provides an effective means for screening caspase inhibitors using a fluorometric approach. The assay utilizes a synthetic peptide substrate WEHD-AFC (AFC, 7-amino-4-trifluoromethyl coumarin). Active Caspase-5 cleaves the synthetic substrate to release free AFC which can then be quantified by fluorometry. Compounds to be screened can directly be added to the reaction and the level of inhibition of Caspase-5 activity can be determined by comparison of the fluorescence intensity in samples with and
without the testing inhibitors. The assay is simple, straightforward, and can be performed directly in microtiter plates. Each kit contains 100 units of active Caspase-5, sufficient for screening 100 caspase inhibitor samples. Assay conditions have been optimized to obtain the maximal activity.