Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kit II (ADP/ATP)

Assay for detecting ADP/ATP ratios for a rapid screening of apoptosis/necrosis/growth arrest/cell proliferation simultaneously in mammalian cells

Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kit II (ADP/ATP)
  200 assays
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Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kit II (ADP/ATP)

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Changes in the ADP/ATP ratio are a good indicator for cell viability and can also be used to differentiate between apoptotic and necrotic cell death. High ATP and low ADP levels are usually found in proliferating cells. In contrast, decreased levels of ATP and increased levels of ADP are characteristic for apoptotic cells. In necrotic cells, the ADP levels are even higher, and ATP can be barely detected.
The Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kit II utilizes bioluminescence to measure the ADP/ATP ratio providing an innovative system for fast, simultaneous screening of cell proliferation, apoptosis, necrosis, and growth arrest in mammalian cells. The ATP level is determined using luciferin-luciferase reaction described in the Bioluminescent Cell Viability Kit I. The ADP level is measured by its conversion to ATP, which is subsequently detected using the same luciferase-catalyzed reaction. The assay can be fully automated for high throughput and is highly sensitive, detecting as few as 100 mammalian cells/well. It offers highly consistent results with excellent correlation to other apoptosis markers (e.g., TUNEL-based or caspase assays).