Bacteria Live/Dead Staining Kit

Fluorometric detection of viable and dead bacteria

Bacteria Live/Dead Staining Kit
  1,000 assays
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Bacteria Live/Dead Staining Kit

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The Bacteria Live/Dead Staining Kit enables a two-color fluorescent staining on both live bacteria (green) and dead bacteria (red) using the two nucleic acid dyes DMAO and EthD-III. DMAO is a green-fluorescent dye which stains both live and dead bacteria with intact and damaged cell membranes while the red-fluorescing EthD-III only stains dead bacteria with damaged cell membranes. With an appropriate mixture of both dyes, viable bacteria with intact cell membranes are stained green, whereas bacteria with damaged cell membranes fluoresce red. The kit is applicable to most bacteria types for viability and cytotoxicity studies, and suitable for fluorescence microscopy and flow cytometry.