3D Cell Culture Matrix Kit (BME)

Provides a standardized and user-friendly strategy for setting up spheroid formations, 3D cell cultures and pharmacological studies.

3D Cell Culture Matrix Kit (BME)
100 assays
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3D Cell Culture Matrix Kit (BME)

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The PromoKine 3D Cell Culture Matrix Kit (BME) contains a commonly used cell-adhesive matrix with a microporous structure which is derived from animal sources. It provides a very good scaffold for cells to grow in a 3D fashion – enabling mimicking of cellular processes and responses much more similar to natural in vivo environments than 2D cell culture. BME is a more naturally relevant matrix and for example well suited for modeling the morphological effects of early oncogenesis on three-dimensional microenvironments. However, as it is sourced from animals there is certain lot to lot variability and growth factor contamination. PromoKine’s BME is a growth factor-reduced and endotoxin-free matrix.