2-Phosphoglycerate Assay Kit

Convenient and sensitive colorimetric and fluorometric measurement of 2-Phosphoglycerate (2PG) in various tissues/cells.

Please be aware that this product will be discontinued and will only be available until: 21.12.2021
2-Phosphoglycerate Assay Kit
100 assays
$ 679.00

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2-Phosphoglycerate Assay Kit

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PromoCell’s 2-Phosphoglycerate Assay Kit provides a sensitive, fast and easy-to-use method to quantify 2PG. In this assay, 2PG is converted by the Enzyme Mix to PEP, which is further converted to pyruvate. The pyruvate is oxidized to generate color (OD 570 nm) and fluorescence (Ex/Em = 535/587 nm). The colored product or fluorescence intensity is proportional to the 2PG level. This assay can detect 2PG levels below 20 pmol in a variety of sample types.