Magnet-assisted Transfection (MATra)

Magnet Assisted Transfection (MATra) is an easy-to-handle and extremely fast technology to optimize transfection of cells in culture. Exploiting a strong magnetic force, the full nucleic acid dose bound to magnetic nanoparticles is rapidly drawn towards the target cells resulting in a very efficient transfection. All types of nucleic acids (e.g. plasmid DNA, siRNA, oligonucleotides) can be used with the MATra approach. MATra shows low cytotoxicity, is functional with and without serum and is very time-saving (15-minutes transfection!) and cost-effective. MATra can also be adapted to high-throughput transfection assays using robotic stations and adapted protocols. List of cell types successfuly transfected using MATra.

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