Fluorescently Labeled Nucleotides

PromoCell supplies deoxynucleotides (dUTPs) and ribonucleotides (UTPs) labeled with our superior PromoFluor dyes as well as the common dyes Cy3, Cy5 or Texas Red.

Aminoallyl-dUTP (5-aminoallyl-2′-deoxyuridine 5′-triphosphate) can be incorporated into DNA using conventional enzymatic incorporation techniques. PromoCell provides aminoallyl-dUTP conjugates with all of our premium PromoFluor dyes (including our LSS dyes and most of the far-red dyes) which cover the whole UV/VIS and far-red spectrum of interest. This selection of fluorescent labels is ideal for multicolor applications such as chromosome painting.
Note: PromoFluor-430, -500, -530, -550, -640, -660 and -680N have been optimized for incorporation by PCR and Nick Translation and are also included in our DNA Labeling Kits.

Aminoallyl-UTPs are also provided for a few PromoFluor dyes covering the green to far-red range of the visible light spectrum. They can be incorporated into RNA using e.g. in vitro transcription.
Compared to most other commercially available dye-labeled nucleotides they have excellent properties with regard to signal intensity, water solubility, and stability. The lower molecular weight of the dyes results in minimal steric hindrance.

Our fluorescently labeled aminoallyl-dUTPs and aminoallyl-UTPs are delivered as 1 mM ready-to-use aqueous solutions and can be used for different applications, e.g. fluorescent labeling of nucleic acids by PCR & RT-PCR, random primer and dTd labeling, in vitro transcription, mRNA FISH experiments, microarray applications, gene expression and binding studies, primer extension, nuclease protection assays (NPA) and nick translation assays.