Phagocytosis Assays

Phagocytosis in mammals is an important frontline defense mechanism against invading pathogens. It is also essential for ongoing removal of moribund cells, tissue remodeling, and acquisition of nutrients for some cells. Phagocytosis is a specific form of endocytosis in which a living cell (called phagocyte) engulfs a solid particle to form an internal compartment known as a phagosome. Maturing phagosomes transform to phagolysosomes which destroy the particle (e.g. a pathogen) with enzymes and toxic peroxides.

PromoCell’s Phagocytosis Assay Kits utilize prelabeled (red or gree-fluorescent) E. coli or Zymosan particles as a tool for rapid and accurate detection and quantification of in vitro phagocytosis.

We also supply fine chemicals/biochemicals and cytokines/growth factors useful e.g. as inhibitors or stimulators of phagocytosis.

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